What Makes Batch Unique? 

Batch Bicycles are crafted with purpose resulting in a simple, honest and pure cycling experience. Behind every Batch is a unique story ready to be discovered. These stories represent the adventures and experiences waiting for you when you ride. Built with quality and priced for enjoyment. We’ve crafted our bike frames using 6061 Aluminum alloy to make them strong and light, as well as outfitting them with quality components.

How Do I Get The Right Size?

Use the Sizing Charts to determine the best  bike for you. To get the best possible fit, have the dealer adjust your bike when you pick it up to customize it specifically to you.

Where Can I Buy A Batch Bicycle?

Use the our Store Locator to find a bicycle store close to you. Your Batch Bicycle will be delivered and professionally assembled by your local bike store, who will have it waiting for you to pick up. Don’t forget to have your store make final fit adjustments to your Batch Bicycle when you pick it up.

Dealers: You can purchase directly through our website and have the bike delivered directly to your store.


Can I Return My Batch Bicycle? 

Bikes can be returned within 30 days if in new and unused condition. When you purchase your bicycle your Batch Bicycle retailer will review the purchase with you and make sure it meets your expectations. Questions regarding your purchase should be directed to the Batch Bicycle retailer of delivery. Batch Bicycle warehouses will not accept returned bikes.

How Do I Register My Bike? 

Batch Bicycles can be registered by its original owner on our site here.

To register your bike, you will need the serial number from underneath the bottom bracket on your bike – below the pedal cranks. Registration has many benefits like providing us a way to give local police ownership information on recovered stolen bikes. It is also useful in warranty and service-related situations.


Does My Batch Have A Warranty? 

Yes. Find the warranty information here.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.


When Will My Card Be Charged? 

When you purchase a Batch Bicycle online using a credit card your card will be charged at the time of purchase. Note: Your bike will be shipped to your local bicycle shop, assembled and ready for pick-up.


How Do I Assemble My Bike? 

Your Batch Bicycle dealer will expertly assemble your bike for you.

Dealers can download any reference documents here.

Is There An Owner’s Manual? 

All Batch Bicycles have an owner’s manual available for download from the Documents tab of the bicycle product page. You can also find reference documents here.

Can I Service My Batch Bicycle? 

Unless you are an expert, we don’t recommend servicing your own bike. We highly suggest you return to the dealer where you either purchased or picked up your bike from and have the professionals take care of the maintenance of your bike. You can also find a list of Batch Bicycles Authorized Service Centers near you by using the Store Locator tool on our website.

What Kind Of Warranty Covers My Batch Bicycle? 

You can find warranty information on the Documents tab of the bicycle product page. Batch Bicycles offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the steel rigid fork and aluminum alloy frame to the original retail purchaser. All other parts and accessories are covered by a one-year warranty. Check your owner’s manual for more information. You can also find warranty information here.

What If I Have Other Questions? 

Call us at 833.789.8899 or email us at