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Ready for a breath of fresh air?
Escape to the real world with Batch Bicycles. Not the world of moving pixels, but where
the earth moves beneath you. Let's go places cars can't. See what's around the next bend. And the next. And the next.
Life isn't about to do's, it's about discovery. Let's do things differently. Batch Bicycles aren't mainstream, but we're on main
street. We're not mass produced, we're one Batch at a time. And every Batch has its own story to tell... and new ones you
will author. Every Batch is simple but strong. Light but longlasting. Premium quality but never out of reach.
We aren't everything to everyone, but everyone is invited. We're Batch Bicycles.
Good. Better. Batch.

Introducing the Freshest Batch


What makes Batch Bicycles radically different than the competition? Take a look.


Finding an authorized Batch Bicycles Specialty Retailer is just a click away.

Become A Dealer

Becoming a Batch Bicycles Dealer is easier
than you might think. Let's get started!

CABDA 2019

Batch Bicycles is hitting the road and will be
at the 2019 CABDA Dealer Shows in San Diego (Booth 514) and Chicago (Booth 1016).

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