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About the Brand

Regular Bikes for Regular People

Are you looking for a bike that is reasonably priced, has quality components and that you don’t have to assemble? Are you thinking about only riding a couple times a month and looking for the service of a bike shop? We’ve got a bike for that. Well, actually we have a whole Batch of bikes exactly for that.

Truth is, we’re here to support your local bike shop. They started this bike shop because they love cycling and they want you to love cycling, but you’re not quite there yet. And that’s okay. That’s why we’ve created Batch Bicycles. Really simple, quality bikes assembled by the professionals at your local bike shop. A bike to get you started with a new hobby, that you’re still just curious about. Not planning on riding everyday? We aren’t either. Maybe you haven’t been on a bike since you were 10 – That’s okay. Trust us, you’ll love riding bikes again. So, start here. Start somewhere. Start with Batch.

batch bicycles

Curious about Biking?

Same. We’re here to help you explore the world by bike and your local bike shop can help you get started. Shop online, ship to your local bike shop for assembly, pick up and ride!

batch bicycles


Where do you ride - to your friend’s house, to school, downtown for a cup of coffee, down the bike path, around the corner to the grocery store? Wherever you ride, it's probably somewhere local. So, why not buy your bike locally? Let us help you find your local bike shop, where they will professionally assemble it for you.