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About the Brand


It’s not every day that you can make it out to enjoy a bike ride around the river or through the woods. Things to do and people to see make it difficult to find the time. And that’s precisely why Batch Bicycles was born. 

We’ve set out to reintroduce you to a simple, comfortable, and fully capable bike that begs to be enjoyed in the urban core, the suburban park, or the lakeside trail. Easy to control and made with quality components and lightweight materials, our full lineup of bicycles, from preschool to old school, offer a ride that might just make you reconsider your “priorities.” So convenient, and nice looking, these are the bikes that’ll make it super easy to get back into biking. 

batch bicycles


Remember bike riding? And remember liking to ride a bike? For some of us, the concept seems a distant memory—kind of like CD players and asking some guy named Jeeves. But hop on a Batch and something quite neat happens: Bike riding rushes back. The feel. The freedom. The skill. The simple joy of cruising past the same-old, same-old only to discover how different things look from a little up above. We make Batch Bicycles—really nice, affordable bikes that remind you how great it is to ride a bike every now and then.   


batch bicycles


Whether you’re commuting to work, taking a ride around the neighborhood with the kids, or hitting up some of the local trails, Batch Bicycles are created for comfort, simplicity, and easy riding. They are designed with insight from local bike shops across the country. The full lineup of Batch Bicycles, from balance bikes to commuters, come prepped and ready with the added confidence and support you’ll receive from some of the most passionate and dedicated bike folks out there. We’re proud to have their support and even more proud to help support their small businesses.